U P C O M I N G  E V E N T S

Energy Underground 2019
Meet and Mingle
Minot, ND
September 21, 2019

Event Schedule

  • 7:00 - 10:00 PM  Dinner, drinks and conversation.

What To Expect 

  • This is a perfect place for new comers to get to know us and make some connections.  It is also a great way for those that have been to our events in the past to see the new faces and introduce themselves

  • We have a private room in a restaurant for just our group.  There are doors that will keep our conversation from the ears of the general public, but we are still in a casual setting.

  • This is a "first date" approach to meeting new people.  Casual conversation about the group, the lifestyle, and most importantly the people.  What a better way to dip your toes and see how nice it is in the pool.

  • We are happy to ease your tension by making introductions and seating suggestions if you would like.

  • We typically have an ice breaker game that will help us all get to know each other and loosen up a bit.

Event Fees

This is a No Host Dutch Date.  You are responsible for your own meals and drinks for the night.

Space is limited. If you plan to attend please use the registration button below.

What Should I wear?

Think of this as a first date, you want to make a good impression.  We hold these Meet and Greets at a nice restaurant, not fancy but definitely not just a hamburger joint.  This is not the place for that new corset or see through dress, we will be in a public place.  You can expect that most of the women will be wearing a nice blouse and nice jeans/pants or a dress/skirt.  They will have their hair done and makeup on. Men will be dressed in a nice pair of jeans/pants, a button up shirt, shoes, and no cap.   

How Should I Act?

This is important, we all have lives outside of this one night!  Do not behave in any way that will draw attention to our group, yes we are swingers but the entire place does not need to know this.  Discretion is Paramount!  You may not loose your job if your boss finds out, but most of us will so keep a lid on it.   You do not have anyone's permission to touch them until you have asked and they have replied with "yes".  Outside of a yes you are crossing a line that can have legal implications for you. We are not your 1970's swinger group running naked in the hall, we are a classy group that expects you to behave in an adult like manner.  You are responsible for your actions, for following the code of conduct, and abiding by the membership agreement.

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