Meet and Greet

Energy Underground Meet and Greets are a low key way for us to introduce you to our group.  They are also a great starting point for those that are just entering the lifestyle.  We meet in a private room in a public space, no one knows that we are a swinger group and we don't advertise that we are.  We are just a group of friends having dinner.  We dress as if we were going to dinner at a nice restaurant  with friends and family, nothing too provocative.  It is always a good idea to dress for the moment, a tee shirt and dirty jeans does not help you make that connection we are all looking for. 


We never have sex or nudity at these, again this is a public venue and there is no room for this at the restaurant.  You need to keep in mind that regardless of your comfort level, many of the people attending this have professions and families to protect.  We need to be low key and discrete.  We are not getting drunk, loud and announcing to the general public that we are swingers.

We typically have introductions, and a low key ice breaker to get everyone talking and mingling with one another - after all the object is to meet one another.  The wait staff takes our drink orders as we arrive and generally our dinner order around 7:30.  We eat and continue to get to know each other until around 9:30, and try to conclude things by 10:00.  Each meet and greet is different based on who is there, but members typically have small after parties that are set up before, or during the meet and greet. 

Theme Parties

Theme Parties are the Flag Ship party of Energy Underground.  We love hosting these parties, and we are trying to create a lifestyle night club experience.  We mix a bar, music, dancing, lighting, food and positive energy together to give our guests the experience of a large lifestyle night club here at home.  Our parties are sexy and seductive to set the stage for your after party experience, they are not orgy style open sex, with naked guys running in the hallways.  Our theme parties are off premise, which simply means you have to take sex to your private room or home; we host these parties at or near hotels so that you can maintain the sexy energy as you transition from the party to your private space.  

Each event has a theme, this is all for fun.  You an dress up in the theme and let your freak out if you like, or you are welcome to come as you are and just enjoy being around all of the sexy fun.  We do not require anyone to dress in theme to participate.

Music and dancing are a large part of our parties, we have an awesome DJ that knows how to keep the sexy vibe going.  Men - just hold onto her hips, bounce up and down, and know that your partner will thank you many times over.  Women - bring some comfortable shoes, you know that you will need them to keep this up all night.

We always have a bar, sometimes it will be a cash bar and others its a BYOB bottle check bar, be sure to check the event details so that you know.  When the venue requires that we use their cash bar they do not allow outside drinks, it a legal issue and we are just following the rules.  BYOB bottle check means that you bring your alcohol, you and your bottle are given a number and the bar tender will only serve you your alcohol.  At the end of the night you get back your bottle.  At both types of bars the bartender is working for tips, so keep that positive energy flowwing and let them know you appreciate them.

After Parties

After parties are sometimes held as part of the event, but more often than not they are hosted by members that want the night to continue.  If the party is hosted by Energy Underground it will be called out in the event posting.  Any after party that is held by an individual is by invite only, so be sure to ask before you crash.

Invite Only

Invite only parties are generally held as on premise (sex allowed at the party) parties.  If you get an invite to one of our invite only parties all the details will be called out so that you know exactly what you are getting into.  Any on premise party does not void our rules or coe of conduct.  We are still maintaining a high level of class and respect for others.  If you did not get an invite, please do not take it personal.  Often times when we host these parties we are limited to space, so the invite list is shorter.  We ask that if you have interest in attending these parties to let us know so that we are aware.

Group Travel

Group Travel is designed to take a swinger-cation.  We try to pick lifestyle friendly destinations for these trips, and keep them under 4 nights.  We try to have group activities and free time for you to enjoy the company of just your partner.  All the details of these are called out in the event posting and change with each trip.  If you are looking for something feel free to reach out and let us know.

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