Energy Underground is a group of quality like-minded people that are interested in building a community for a sex-positive/swinger lifestyle in the energy producing states of North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. 

Energy Underground 2018
Catie's Vegas Birthday Party
June 30, 2018

Cum help us celebrate Catie's birthday in Vegas style.  Fremont street, frozen drinks, the pool, Vegas here we come.

Energy Underground 2018
Sexy Jersey Party
August 18, 2018

Let's kick off the swinger season in our sexiest version of our favorite team jersey.  Represent your team and look good doing it.  There will be no shortage of sexy fun as we dance and mingle the night away.  Cum have some fun and show us who's team is the sexiest.



We hear this all the time as we navigate our way through the lifestyle in North Dakota and the surrounding states.  The thing that most of us like the most about living in North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming is the wide open spaces and smaller populations.  The lifestyle is here and there are opportunities for lifestyle events and connections, but just as we have fewer traffic accidents or muggings than a large metropolitan area we have a smaller lifestyle community.  Like most things in our lives, if we want more opportunities in the lifestyle we are going to have to work for it.

So how can we build a better network or a bigger lifestyle community?  How can we enjoy all the benefits of the lifestyle if there are not the opportunity in our area?  For us, we have decided that the best approach is to create.

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