1. No means no.  No matter when it is said or who is saying it, stop what you are doing and let them be. 

  2. No expectations/No pressure.  Do not come to an event expecting anything to happen or feeling pressure to allow something to happen.  We are all here to meet and make friends, but that does not mean that you will make a connection with anyone or that they will make a connection with you. Come to enjoy the event and meet friends, if more happens then it is a bonus.

  3. Be discrete.  We all have lives and responsibilities outside of this lifestyle that can be jeopardized.  Keep what you learn about anyone you meet in this group to yourself.  This includes sharing within the group, unless you were given permission to do so by the person whose details you are sharing. 

  4.  We are a drug and sexually transmitted disease/infection free community.  If you find out that you are not DDF you are bound to inform anyone in the group that you have been with and stop playing. 

  5. We do not tolerate overindulgence at events.  We are all here to enjoy ourselves and liquor is a part of that but keep yourself under control.

  6. Drama – leave it at home.  Nothing ruins an event or the atmosphere faster than your drama being aired in public.

  7. Cheating – we do not allow cheating on your partner or spouse.  This puts the group and the members at risk.   

If you are wondering if your actions are out of line then they probably are.  We are a laid back bunch, but we are able to be that way because we honor ourselves and our club. 

We reserve the right to add rules, and to remove any member or member's guest from events and/or from the club for violating club rules.  Membership is soley up to the club administrators' discretion.

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