1. Do I have to have sex with anyone? No. We STRINGINTLY enforce our NO MEANS NO policy.
By attending one of our events you are in no way giving your permission for anything to anyone.
You decide when, where, how, and who is allowed to touch you. Should anyone make
unwanted advances, make you feel uncomfortable, or touch you without permission
immediately report them to the event staff. We operate on a one strike rule for No means No
policy; if you violate this policy you will be asked to leave and banned from all future events
without any refunds. Additionally we are an off premise group meaning that there is no
intercourse at the event.


2. Is there open sex at your events? No. Our events are off premise which means that should you
choose to engage in sexual intercourse you will need to take it elsewhere. We provide an
environment that has like mined people that are, or are interested in becoming, swingers. Most
of our events are held in motels where you can book your own room.


3. Where are events held? Our events are typically held in motel conference rooms or private
rooms at restaurants. We understand the need for privacy and discretion and never advertise
to the general public who or what we are and what is happening in the room behind closed


4. Is this an orgy? No, there is no intercourse at our events, all of our events are off premise which
means that you will need to arrange for your own motel room or other private space if you
choose to engage in intercourse with anyone from the event.


5. Will people be naked? No, we hold our events in private rooms within the public. Most of the
venues do not have private bathrooms or entrances so we will have to walk to and from the
room in the public eye.


6. Do you tell people we are swingers? We let the venue contact know that we are an adult group
that has an alternative lifestyle. We tell them so that they can choose whether or not they want
to host us, and to ensure that they will help protect our privacy. The venues often have other
events going on and letting them know that we are an adult group with an alternative lifestyle
helps them to not place us next to a church gathering for example. We are discrete about what
we post on any boards or signs at the venue.


7. Can anyone come to an event? No, all of our events are closed to members of the MAS kik
group and Energy Underground group. We do allow members to invite guests with some


8. Is their food at events? We do offer food. If you are attending a dinner we will have a full meal,
but at the meet and greet or party events there is usually just snack food. Typically we have an
appetizer and some snacks. You should eat before you come to a party or meet and greet.


9. Is the liquor at the event? We typically offer a cash bar or hold the event at a venue that has a
bar where you can purchase drinks. In cases where the venue allows for BYOB we will post that
and inform all attendees in advance. We do not tolerate over indulgence at our events; should
you become intoxicated you will be asked to leave.


10. What activities can I expect? We generally start off with an ice breaker, a game of some sorts.
Meet and Greets tend to have more games that are intended to get to know each other, and we
have the seating arranged for visiting. Parties will have a dance floor and sound system, we
have private sitting areas that allow you to get to know each other should you wish, and we

have a shadow box room for those that like to be exhibitionist for the voyeurs, we do not allow
intercourse at the party but you are free to touch anyone that is willing to let you.


11. How should I dress? For dinner parties you should dress as if you were going to dinner at an
upscale restaurant. Jeans and T shirts are not acceptable, designer jeans and a dress shirt are
fine. You are welcome to dress in more sexy attire at other events, but be prepared to come
and go in the view of the public. A long coat or other cover up is suggested. Most events will
have a theme and we encourage you to participate in the theme but you are not required to do
so. We would like to point out that the point of these events is to make connections and as such
you should dress to impress. T shirts, dirty clothes, and an un-kept personal appearance are not


12. Why do I have to purchase a ticket for an event? We require you to purchase a ticket for the
events to cover the cost of setting up events. We select and book venues based on the
members planning to attend. When members say they are coming and then cancel after the
venue is booked we are still responsible for the cost of the venue, as we do not make a profit on
events this costs all members attending events. Additionally we use the ticket as a means to
limit the exposure to the venue, only people planning to attend the event know its location – we
are all looking to keep this portion of our lives discrete.


13. Can I take pictures of the event? No! We do not allow cameras or cell phones with cameras in
the event. We do have a sticker that we can place over the camera lenses of your phone so that
you may bring your phone in. Anyone caught taking pictures of the event or members will be
asked to leave and banned from any future event without a refund.
14. Can I take private pictures? We have a camera in a photo booth that you may bring a media
card and use for private pictures in the booth. You and are responsible for your pictures, and for
getting permission from anyone else in the picture to share, we do not allow any event pictures


15. What should I bring to the event? A pictured ID, staff will need to check your ID to get in and for
liquor purchases. Cash for the bar if you plan to drink, most of the venues do not have credit
card readers for the temporary bars they set up. Cover ups to walk in public, most of the venues
do not have a private bathroom. Contact cards (slut cards), you are here to make connections
with new people and having your information like kik account, email, and other adult accounts
will be help to make lasting connections.


16. What are the members like? Average people just like you. We all have differences but we are
all looking to protect our privacy and meet new people to experience the lifestyle with. Some
are newbies that are not sure if this is for them and some are experienced and love the lifestyle.
Our events offer a great way to meet other like-minded people and experience the lifestyle
without the pressure of on premise sex.

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