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We are a group of CONSENTING ADULTS interested in a nontraditional lifestyle that includes non-monogamous sex.  We do not seek to share our views with anyone that does not choose to engage in this lifestyle. If you give false information to gain access to this site you are violating our terms of use that you agreed to on the previous page.  If you use this site to harass, intimidate, study, gain information about this group or the individuals of this group you are in violation of the terms of use for this site.  Any violation of the terms of use for this site will be taken seriously and we will block you from this site, report you to authorities, participate in any way that we can with prosecution, and bring a civil action against you if the law permits.
 To gain access to members only pages, you must first fill out a membership application by clicking on the Join Us button below!  We will not grant a login without this step.  We verify every member to protect all of us in this group.

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