We hear this all the time as we navigate our way through the lifestyle in North Dakota and the surrounding states.  The thing that most of us like the most about living in North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming is the wide open spaces and smaller populations.  The lifestyle is here and there are opportunities for lifestyle events and connections, but just as we have fewer traffic accidents or muggings than a large metropolitan area we have a smaller lifestyle community.  Like most things in our lives, if we want more opportunities in the lifestyle we are going to have to work for it.

So how can we build a better network or a bigger lifestyle community?  How can we enjoy all the benefits of the lifestyle if there are not the opportunity in our area?  For us, we have decided that the best approach is to create.

  • We started with a kik group, bring like-minded people together so that they can chat and make connections.

  • We created an SLS group that has events for members of the lifestyle in our area to come to and network.  We have committed ourselves to planning and hosting events that put like-minded people in a room together out of the public’s view so that they can relax and find others to enjoy the lifestyle with.

  • We built a website to try and share experiences and information to help others navigate the lifestyle in our rural area.

What can you do to help us build more opportunities?

  • Share your opinions of our work so that we can improve and adapt it.

  • Share your lifestyle experiences, we will be discrete and tasteful but it may help others to not have the same bad result or better yet help them to have a positive result.

  • Attend the events that you register for.  We understand that life happens and that plans need to ebb and flow, but not coming because you just changed your mind has serious repercussions.  Others view an event by the turn out 10 register and 6 show it depletes the energy of the group.  There is also a financial impact, most events are planned and booked based on the guest list and places a burden on the host to make up those costs.

  • Put your best image forward. When you come prepared to make a good impression you will have more success and it will impact our community.  As we have more success our numbers will grow giving you more opportunities for future success.

  • Be respectful of the lifestyle community.  We all have lives to protect, keep what happens at an event at the event.  We should all be discrete and not share names with anyone, stories of events and the members of our community have no place in public EVER.

“I want more swinger opportunities in our area!”

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