Quality Singles are welcome at the Underground Lifestyle Summit.  We are limiting the amount of singles  that can sign up.  We limit the singles to keep the ratio between couples seeking singles and available singles proportionate so that the room does not become over weighted in either direction.  We want the singles and couples seeking singles that are attending to have a positive experience and a high chance of success.  All singles must have attended a previous Energy Underground event or complete a Skype interview before they will be registered.  We are doing this to ensure that all singles are a fit for the group and that the group is a fit for them. 

Expectations of Singles

  • Do not force yourself into any situation.  Not all of the couples that are attending are open to adding a single into their mix, so not all couples are going to be open to what you are offering.  We recommend that you let everyone know that you are single at the onset of any conversation.  

  • You are allowed in playrooms, but you are not allowed to be on the beds unless invited and in the company of someone - this means no loitering in hopes of an accidental encounter.

  • Singles are welcome at all functions and in all classes unless restricted by instructor.

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