Social Standards


  • Be good stewards of the lifestyle - be aware that not everyone at the venue or in Deadwood is participating in the Summit or members of our lifestyle.  Please do not discuss the group or the lifestyle in mixed company to keep from drawing attention to the group.  

  • No sexual propositioning of hotel staff or event security staff. 

  • Know your limits - we will not allow intoxicated people to participate in events.  Intoxication limits your ability to understand and give consent.  If you become intoxicated you will be asked to retire to your room.  If this happens twice we will eject you.

  • No aggressive or violent behavior or language. We do not care what your dynamic is, we will not allow this.  We reserve the right to eject any and all involved in any situation based solely on our discretion. 

Public Areas

  • No nudity allowed in public areas of the venue, including sleeping room  hallways, convention center, and casino.  Nipples, genitals, and butt cracks must be covered at all times. The hotel has a zero tolerance policy and will eject anyone that violates this.

  • When walking from sleeping rooms to Ballroom you must wear appropriate clothing, or a coverup.  All nipples, genitals, and butt cracks must be fully covered.  You will be ejected for nudity in public areas.

Restricted Areas

  • No full nudity in the event room - we will still have hotel staff present serving food and drinks.

  • No sex in the convention center or Ballroom.

  • Playrooms are communital rooms - if you are looking for privacy please take your partner(s) back to a sleeping room.

  • No one is allowed to sleep in playrooms.

  • Anyone that opens curtains of their sleeping room or playrooms when there is nudity or sex will be ejected.

  • Wear protection if asked - anyone that is caught violating this will be ejected.


Ejection Policy

  • Anyone that is ejected by the hotel or the Energy UNderground/Underground Lifestyle staff will not receive any refunds for rooms or admissions.  

  • If you are ejected you will be banned from any future events for Energy Underground.

  • Violent or aggressive behavior may be reported to Deadwood City Police.

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